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Thread: Piper PA-18A cowling sheet replacements

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    Question Piper PA-18A cowling sheet replacements


    I'm about to overhaul a Piper PA-18A with a 180 HP engine. I have to replace some of the cowling sheets. According to the STC SA 36RM, I have to make the bottom cowling plate from scratch. The old sheet is totally bent and can no longer be used. In the past, Jensen Aircraft in Peyton, Colorado offered kits for the conversion of the Piper. I think the company no longer exists. Can you help me? Maybe someone has the exact drawings for the replica. I need all drawings applicable for making new parts, especially for bottom cowling and airbox.

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    Penn Yan bought the STC from Jensen and then AERO bought it from Penn Yan. Randy Rubbert built the sheet metal parts for Penn Yan and after AERO bought it he got his own STC. He makes that bottom cowl to fit this STC.
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