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Thread: Javron Cub Wing Root Fairings

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    Javron Cub Wing Root Fairings

    I am in installing the skylight on my Javron kit and am trying to figure out how the screws for the skylight on the sides work with the upper wing root fairings. From the factory SC's I have looked at the wing root fairings are not attached to the birdcage. I see on Bill Rusk's plane he has nutplates on the sides that I think are for attaching the skylight but these screws would interfere with the root fairing that goes over them. I think the fairings need to float a little so are they attached only on the fuselage side and share the screws with the skylight glass?

    Thanks in advance
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    no screws on sides of skylight..

    like you say, it needs to float or it will crack

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    Do your flaps go into the fuselage or does the fairing go between the flap and fuselage? The tank screws hold the fairing down on the outboard edge. The front is attached to the birdcage just aft of the windshield at the trailing edge of the leading edge fairing. The trailing edge has a long screw that pulls tension on the entire top fairing. If flaps come inboard to the fuselage I have been attaching the trailing edge to the false spar while keeping the fairing tight.
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