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Thread: O320 Crankshaft Interior Diameter Inspection AD 98-02-08

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    O320 Crankshaft Interior Diameter Inspection AD 98-02-08

    I searched on this and couldn't find anything...

    My IA is going though the logs my new to me Super Cub and it looks like in the past someone has stated that AD 98-02-08 applies. This is for the inspection of the interior diameter of the crankshaft. My Super Cub has the stock 150, not the 160...

    As I read the applicability on this AD is states "Limited to 160".

    Why would a previous IA be tracking this?

    Does anyone have any supporting documentation on this?
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    That AD only applies to 160 hp and greater engines. It does not apply to O320 engines rated at 150 HP.

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