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Thread: Seat belt/shoulder harness attach bolt size?

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    Seat belt/shoulder harness attach bolt size?

    What's the recommended bolt size to attach seat belts to the frame? I just bought new seat belt and shoulder harness's and the mount holes on the hardware are 3/8 inch. The mounts on the air frame are 5/16 inch. Should I make a bushing, or drill out the air frame fittings to 3/8 inch? What is typically done. Thanks

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    Normally have a small bushing that allows the seat belt triangle to swivel some. Each bushing should be slightly thicker than the piece it holds. And use a large enough washer under the head of the bolt to keep the triangle from slipping off.

    Also, think about welding a nut onto the back of the tab itself. This lets you install and remove the seat belts with just a socket wrench.

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    small bolts are fine with a bushing...

    if you break the small bolt with your body in a crash, you won't be around anymore anyway.....

    Minimum tensile strength 125,000 PSI

    125000/16 * 5 = 39062.5 Lbs

    thats probably not the right math.. but you get the idea...

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    For a 1/4" bolt - pi*.125^2 * 125,000 for double shear. Less than half that for simple shear because bending is also involved. I agree with Mike's conclusion - - -
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    I went to the IA seminar in Anchorage many years ago, the did a speal on seat belts. There is a difference in auto vs. airplane belts, auto are designed to reduce the injury whereas an airplane is supposed to contain the body.
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