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Thread: nogin cover

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    I need one of those just for the shop. I have my fuselage hanging from the ceiling with minus 1/4" head clearance. I thought I'd remember at some point, but no....
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    You would think that after 50 years flying Cessnas off and on one would remember to duck under the trailing edge of the flaps & ailerons.....Anyway nice cheap skid lid

    I remember one new student who really wacked himself at hair line of forehead. He had a 3" scalloped wound that required stiches. The ER doctor had a hard time understanding how such a safety hazard could be allowed to exist since it was the third time in 6 months. Our APG Flying club had 5-6 C150's and it was almost impossible to get one unless you signed-up a week ahead back in the early 70's. I always wore a baseball cap which offers protection but also blocks your view when ducking under the wing. A good aid is to put part flaps down during preflight. My present instructor has a C150 that I get to fly every 2 years but he won't let me put flaps down....mostly because his battery is usually problematic. I'm due again this summer.....glad I'm not on any blood thinners

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    Yeah, I have a knot on my head right now from helping a neighbor with a project on his Cessna 195. May have to get one of those cap inserts...

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    Part of the trouble may be the ball cap itself.
    I worked commercial building construction my whole life,
    got in the habit of setting up my hardhat to wear it backwards (when allowed).
    Facing forward, the bill would block my vision & I was always banging my head into things,
    esp in confined spaces like up in the overhead or in mechanical rooms.

    Luckily I'm short enough to not bang my head on the trailing edge of my C180 in the hangar,
    but occasionally I do bang it into one of the struts--
    more often than not it's when I'm wearing a ball cap.
    Cessna Skywagon-- accept no substitute!
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