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Thread: Garmin's got new stuff out.

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    Oops, yiure correct. I got an email from Ryan at uAvionix after i pre-ordered a tailbeacon, i thought he had said they were waiting on a pma. I just looked up the old email & he did say they were waiting on a TSOA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wireweinie View Post
    Possibly for nav. But what about engine instruments? Also, I agree with Skywagon, 1 hour is not enough backup time. Backup power needs to hold out as long as the fuel load.

    Assuming your airplane has a battery and/or electrical system, the "backup power" for the Garmin $tuff doesn't start counting down until the ship's battery drops below the required voltage, right? So the "as long as the fuel load" means the time from generator/alternator failure until ship's battery reaches low voltage state AND the Garmin backup system also reaches low voltage state. A properly sized primary (ship's) battery should provide enough juice to fly you to the scene of the accident, anyway, so the Garmin backup is just "gravy"...

    Santa brought me one of those nifty EarthX jump packs that I can plug in in the event of an electrical emergency...
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    Most problems have solutions.

    In the exp world some guys use these to back up electronic ignitions, too. Mine is dedicated to power my G3X.
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