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Thread: Prescription for Being a Flying Santa

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    Prescription for Being a Flying Santa

    There are several things needed to become a Flying Santa. Please note that you don't need all of these, but some are critical:

    1. An airplane (preferably white with red stripes);and
    2. A valid FAA medical certificate, or BasicMed;and
    3. A private pilot license, or Light Sport certificate; and
    4. Several rolls of green Frog Tape; and
    5. Several spools of red and green ribbon, for creating streamers; and
    6. A ground crew who knows where to place decorations on your airplane, and where NOT to; and
    7. A very understanding wife or significant other; and
    8. A Santa Claus outfit (get a good quality one...will last for years!); and
    9. A love for children and for BIG KIDS (like you and me) who Believe.

    That's about it. Seriously, I would be delighted to share my experience with you all so that you can help bring Flying Santa to your communities. This is an awesome way to spread Holiday Cheer and to promote aviation! The rewards are so rich as you see these children's smiles.

    Santa's Helper
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    Thanks for doing this Doc, you are a great ambassador to both the flying and supercub community!!!!!
    Mick Capouch
    PA-18 150 N6TD
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    What Bassackwards said! Have a Merry Christmas!
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    We're in for next year!
    Remember, These are the Good old Days!
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    An alternate method - - - - -
    "The sword of freedom is kept sharp by those who live on it's edge." - Scott Adams
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