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Thread: Lower cowl scoop shape

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    Two coolers. Both have outlet ducts. These are 9 row. I had excess cooling capacity and thought about switching to 7s but the new motor will make more heat so not now. That cowl you have has been a struggle for many other guys before you. Especially with parallel valve motors.

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    if a 13 row oil cooler has a 5,5X5,5inch "face" its effective orifice is less than that because of the fins and cooler rows, does anyone know what this factor is for a 13 row aero classic oil cooler? my rough guess is about 30% of the area is "covered" up by the fins?

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    Not familiar with Aero Classic but Niagara provides air pressure and heat rejection specs for all their coolers. Yours would compare to a 20006A.
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    [QUOTE=bodumatau;764579]copy that NP1A, #1 has never been a problem though only #3, but I hear you, I will trim it back a little.

    Ramps in front cylinders 1 & 2 that end halfway up the cylinder are good practice. However, the left edge of the ramp in front of cylinder 1 should have a lower angle, so that the fins next to that exhaust valve are not get blocked off. Bending down the corner of the ramp down at a 45° works.

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