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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

    Laura and I are truly thankful for all of you!

    Have a great day tomorrow whatever you have planned!

    Hopefully, not too much commercial air travel for you today (live image from a few moments ago below)...

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    "Often Mistaken, but Never in Doubt"
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    Thank you Steve and Laura, yes the busiest few days for us outside of the airlines. And Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Thankful for my Super Cub/Skywagon Family! You all are the BEST!
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    Thanksgiving is truly the only " Family " holiday. Great food, great family and friends. Doesn't get any better then that. Sadly, Christmas is slowly killing it earlier every year
    Thankful for everything in my life

    Happy Thanksgiving

    "Optimism is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you!"
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    Bingo on that Glenn, and thank you SJ.
    My wife and I have a growing Tday get together that is primarily our neighbors and a few other friends who do not have any or many family to be with.
    And we are on our 22nd year of a huge New Years, multi day party that we host for my customers and friends I have raced with over the many decades I have known them. We actually call it an end of year party since we all made it again.
    For those of us who do not have families Xmas is a marketing irritant with these other holidays that center around enjoyment. Be they held with family or friends.
    Clearly this may be just my look at this since many still look forward to Xmas especially for what it used to mean and we can all respect that.

    I also would like to add, Many happy days to those in the rest of the world to whom this holiday is not part of your heritage.
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    Around here some of the turkeys are so glad it's all over. They can finally lay themselves down and rest for awhile.
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ID:	45898 no snow again in eagle river Alaska (anchorage muni)

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