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Thread: PA18-105 exhaust

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    PA18-105 exhaust

    Hi, looking for the options to replace the exhaust system on a cub with an O235C1 engine, are they unique to this model?

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    Probably take a year and a mint, but you might try AWI in minneapolis. Might have to send it to them first.

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    The only thing I have seen different on O-235 exhaust on any Piper using that engine was a spring loaded support on each side of the muffler. I do not remember if these were installed on the PA18 with the O-235 engines. The pipes are all the same dimensions between the O-235, O-290 and the O-320.
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    Go for a Field Approval and put a Sutton exhaust on it. Gets rid of the AD inspection on the muffler.

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