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Thread: Removing paint and cleaning aileron hinge fittings??

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    Removing paint and cleaning aileron hinge fittings??

    Just removed the old fabric from the ailerons. Want to clean the paint, glue etc where the aileron hinge fittings attach to the aileron spar. Any suggestions ? I'm thinking just some paint remover and a soft bristle brush. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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    I usually tape off the hinges when spraying silver etc.. until ready for final paint, but a lot of people don't. That makes for pretty easy removal with a dull knife blade by scraping from the tube toward the outside of the fitting. Paint will often come off in just a couple big pieces and then clean up by hand with a small steel brush or even carefully with a slow turning drill with a little wire brush installed. If good aerothane or such was painted directly on the steel hinges it comes off a lot harder and may not even need to come off if you avoid building up too many layers. After covering and painting I hand turn a 1/4 inch drill to clean paint out of the hinge holes.

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