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Thread: Options for Paraplegic Aviators

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    Options for Paraplegic Aviators

    Howdy, folks, I just saw a couple from ranch country, and the husband just obtained his private pilot license. He is a super fellow who was injured in an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury that has left him paraplegic. He bought a C172 and purchased the hand-operated hardware to make it legal to fly his C172, and he loves flying that bird. I put him in touch with Mike Mitchell, who was kind enough to take my call and who will help him make that C172 perform well.

    The young man admires our super cubs and would find it easier to use for keeping track of his cow herds over the 40K acres of ranch land that they share with 6 other families. I showed him photos of Santa's cub, and he asked if I am aware of any mods that might permit him to fly a super cub.

    Anyone aware of anyone who flies a taildragger that can shed some light on this?

    Thanks for any help you might offer.


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    This gent wouldn't by chance be from near White Sulpher Springs, Montana?


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    Economics aside, I think you would want to start with a nose wheel carbon cub. How do they rig brakes and rudders for hand controls? Twist throttle on stick to free other hand for rudders and throttle?

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    If he has an airplane that works, it would probably be better to just get some big tires and a Landis Fork and maximize what he has.


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    Let me check my GPS, gee how'd we ever navigate with those sectional things?
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    One of the Formula 1 racers at Reno is a paraplegic, so flying a tailwheel can be done. I've talked to him several times, sorry I don't remember his name or race number. Perhaps someone on here can tell you his name, might be a good person to talk to. I had a student that was a paraplegic, he was actually what was referred to as an incomplete quadriplegic. Due to strength problems in his hand, we had to rig gloves that once he gripped the yoke, he could velcro his fingers back to his wrist. The FAA signed off on all of it. He learned to fly in a C-172, and then bought a Bonanza, had a gentleman in southern CA install hand controls in it. Flew for several years all over the US.

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