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Thread: Extended upper leading edge skins

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    Interesting idea. Got proof?

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    I've been reading and watching some videos about planes and a pilot Jack Dunn from our Greatest Generation. Here's a comment about
    sleeping in a J-5 and fabric wing scallops noted on a Cessna T-50:

    Here's more about him if you have time. It's well worth it>


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    The fabric lifted between the ribs just a little on all the T-50s regardless of the condition of the fabric. The plywood leading edge went back to the spar which was at the thickest point of the airfoil so that the section which had fabric between the ribs was almost flat. Because of the leading edge the sag scallop which we have been discussing did not happen on this plane. Only the lift shape caused by the lower pressure on top. Loved that airplane. Light on fuel, flying solo it would fly off pavement in about 200 feet. Unbelievable for such a big airplane, but it did.
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