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Thread: WI Seaplane Operations Foreflight KML Map File

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    WI Seaplane Operations Foreflight KML Map File

    For WI Seaplane Pilots I created a custom map in Foreflight that highlights all of the legal, limited and prohibited water landing spots in the State. I also made pins to get you the info you need for limited lakes and Federal lands.

    I created a KML map overlay file that you can turn on and off in Foreflight. I used Google Earth to map out the guide that the State of WI publishes for seaplane operations.

    There isn't a ban on the lakes that are depicted. The State of Wisconsin directs a pilot to contact the designated authority. The affected lakes are in orange and I have pinned each lake or area with the name of the oversight authority.

    The overlay is in KML file format. If you import the file here to your iPad (I used Dropbox to get it between the computer and the iPad) and then select the file now that it resides on your iPad and export it to Foreflight. Foreflight should open automatically and upload as a file in custom content and you select map at the right to send it to the map. To get it to display on the map go to maps and select it to display it. It should reside just below Fuel:Jet A on the bottom right of the list.

    The map should improve situational awareness and gets the information out in front of you in a easy format to use in the cockpit.

    If anybody has suggestions I will gladly add them to the file and update it. If you have good boat dock gas places, float plane friendly restaurants, etc let me know and I will create pins and add them to the mix.

    Here is a link to the file in Dropbox to download it:
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    Thank you!!

    Very Blessed.

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