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Thread: A&P training

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    I got my A&P in 1988, working through an apprenticeship. Best thing I ever did--but I never intended to "work in the field." Going through the process I got tons of experience, and then was forced to do all the paperwork that was/is associated with it. If you're an owner working under a friendly IA, you may never get that sort of experience...depending upon the guy/gal you're working with. Therefore I'm of the opinion that if the OP wants to complete the training, then I say go for it!

    Of course the logistics of the deal isn't easy. I was flight instructing in Wisconsin for a few years back in those days, so I had a LOT of time to turn wrenches over the long winter months when there wasn't much flying to be had. And even at that, it took several years to get the 30 months' experience in terms of hours of work. So it will be a challenge to do it no doubt--but I agree that it's unlikely a regimented school-based program will let you do it on a part-time basis. It seems like it would be too hard to keep track of the hours you need.

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    I got my A&P through a one year school, was very intense! There are still a few one year schools around. I would go that route rather than part time. You will not regret getting your A&P, or your IA. If you plan on flying for a living, you will use that experience and knowledge everyday...As far as saving money on your own maint cost, you will save enough to justify the cost of A&P school. The biggest return on your A&P/IA is being able to buy airplanes that need work, flying them to build hours and then selling them. There is no need to rent airplanes.

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