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Thread: SuperStol VS Supercub Pros/Cons...Im looking to buy

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    First landing site with the new tires, first two pics. Third pic was the second time out, next time I need to bring a sledge hammer, after about breaking my foot trying to bust it off. These aren't staged shots, what you see is what I got. Low tire pressure is key, I don't know why , never asked, why all Airstreaks have a 6 pound MIN. stamped on the side, I've never run more then 5.
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    Passive slats with spoilers update?

    SouthernAero did you ever complete this project? If so, how does it fly?

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    No not yet.............. Sold shop on local airport, moved and building up a shop/hangar across street from my house. Plus a little "life" got in the way. I have been working on it tho, spoiler mounts are made now........... along with flap and aileron hinge pylons, aileron and flap parts made but nothing assembled. Plus working on the "long wing" version at the same time, a PA14 clone, 2 STCd Bushmasters and making parts/repairs for customers.

    ......... It doesn't cost any more to go first class! You just can't stay as long.
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ID:	57605Since this thread is titled Superstol vs ... I will chime in again w some of my experience.

    I have a SuperStol XL (180 hp 0-340), with slightly longer wings and bigger tail than stock. 1,040# empty with 31" tires.

    I have flown long cross country with 1900 take off weight, I can cruise at 105, and I can land and take off in under 100' with 2 people.

    The shocks allow me to land in VERY rough terrain.

    I am very happy w the plane, although there are some drawbacks.

    If anyone is trying to decide between the two planes, and you like the supercub - you wont like the Superstol - it just flys different.
    In order to get the performance (20-25 mph stall) you have to fly at very high angle of attack with power, and/or high rate of decent. to a reg supercub guy, it just feels all wrong - you wont like it.

    You don't have to fly it like that. It will fly like a regular plane and perform like a reg plane (if you maintain speed the slats stay in).

    AND if you don't mind learning to fly differently, or are a Helio pilot, there is an amazing amount of performance here.

    With slats and spoilers I can fly at 30 mph and manuever confidently, the slat will not let the wing stall, and the spoilers take over for the ailerons to give full control.

    And I have a 3'x3'x5' baggage area, I also have extended baggage that is 18"x18"x5' attached to that,(yes, I can take a 10' something if I need to).

    I am still learning to fly this thing - it is a handful sometimes, but it has allowed me to survive some serious mistakes already, so it is the best VERY SHORT strip plane for me.
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    I got to play with the above SS XL for an hour or so this summer. Fun bird to fly and as BDA stated its rock solid in the 30s with steep turns etc. Landing at the high AOA takes a little getting used to, but with the glass floor boards and lower boot cowl, you can see just fine looking through the floor boards. I think as with any airplane you need some time in it to fully explore and learn its capabilities. It is a very high chance that the plane will outperform your abilities. It is not just the plane that makes one look good, it is the ability of the pilot to extract the most from whatever aircraft they are flying.
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    When I was a kid just learning to thrash my dads cub on and off the earths surface, I plainly remember him grousing about the pricetag of used supercubs. He still does. I still am constatly amazed at the demand and value, and investment value of the PA 18
    Carboncubs are now 13 or so years old, and they defy logic witn used prices. In fact I cant believe what the value of sport cubs has done, they are now in the 130K+region for a decent on.Rans S7S? There seems to be a good pull for them just not like the members of the church of supercub. Super Stol? time will tell on the used values and demand but out of the gate can they ride in the front seat with supercubs? Doesnt seem likely. My advice to you is to not fall head over heels with something and not be willing to give the next girl a dance.Buy em fixem fly em sell em, Its turned out ok for me, and I have met some excellent quality people in the process
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