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Thread: 31 inch tyres Which ones to buy for PA18

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    31 inch tyres Which ones to buy for PA18

    I am interested in anyone’s views on 31s or 35 s for my Cub project . Do I get the Alaska or Dessers and change the rims . Has anyone got experience with the wear and performance if the Dessers vs the Alaska tyres. Do I get the 35 inch tyres and rims will they wear better and longer.
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    If you use the search feature you will find that 35s wear less than 31" Bushwheels and Dessers will last longer but not going to absorb the rough tuff like Bushwheels.
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    And your mission is???

    That is the big question, MISSION.

    If you are landing on sand and smooth all the time, it does not matter. Rough you want Bushwheels, and bigger is better.
    I don't know where you've been me lad, but I see you won first Prize!
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    Buy the ones I have for sale. 31's
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    Let me know details Don

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