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Thread: 160+Hp experimental engines

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    160+Hp experimental engines

    What are the best options for a 160Hp experimental engine for a PA12?

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    Alot of folks dont know about them but Lycoming made lots of factory narrow deck 160hp engines. I bought a rebuilt 12 back in the 80's that had been redone by an A&P School in Idaho that used to do them as projects to teach their students. Their
    source for the engines was old wrecked and run out Piper Apaches! They had the factory ND 160's in them. I cant remember the dash number on the data tag but am sure
    some of the engine guys on here can quote it off the top of their head. Those engines run strong and we had zero problems with them. I was going to run LW series pistons in mine but never did, to pump it up to 170hp.
    But we hauled "two fisherman" about
    everyday, all season with that PA 12 for years, out of Valhalla Lodge in Non Dalton, Alaska. Used to swing an 82/42 Borer 2450 static and about 2550 as it broke the water.........
    Good Luck

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    Are you asking what mods to do to the engine?
    Steve Pierce

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