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Thread: Props at altitude

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    Props at altitude

    I was recently told by someone with much more mountain flying experience than me that the Borer prop is not such a great climber above 5000 feet, that I would be better off with the stock Sensenich at that altitude. I can see the logic to that, based on how my plane performed in the mountains and thinking about how the prop loads the engine. I'm thinking about putting a Sensenich 74-56 on for my next trip. Any thoughts or experience on this? How does the McCatto do up high?

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    I’ve heard the Catto does good out west. 82/40

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    I like it but i dont have experience with other props at altitude. I climbed to 16,500 (DA 18.5K) the other day loaded with about 450 lbs of pax and gear. Kinda slow the last 2000 ft but no problem. I'm turning the 86/38 Catto 2550 rpm in a 60 mph climb. Click image for larger version. 

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    I fly a 160 SuperCub with a Borer prop 82/43. It does quite well at our altitude of 6,000 on up to 10,000 on takeoff and climb. I suspect that as you go higher in altitude you might want more pitch in the prop, not sure. Seems to have more power than pull the higher I go. I usually climb out at 2,500 rpm once out of the runway area having throttled back a ways. It would be interesting to have two cubs of the same horsepower with these two prop setups fly at 60 and full power.

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