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I did read that but I was Concerned with no safety wire one might back out and then loose oil pressure and trash the engine or worse. So with a lot of cussing my self I split it. Good practice right?
Absolutely good practice Doug, you won’t never get me to say you did wrong the way you handled it! Still wonder to this day if I should have. BUT, For me, After all the pondering the consequences of......All the bolts in all the places that are not safety wired, Also even if one does come lose, Should cause only a slightly lower oil pressure unlike if all were out. The screw itself would just drop in the bottom of the case causing no problem and easily retrievable . The engine is experimental so no issues there.
Like you and Ol Tom Sawyer though , I had to Christian cuss myself for awhile just to get the taste outta my mouth!
BTW... over 350 hours on it now