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Thread: Looking for insight and advice

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    Looking for insight and advice

    Iím in the process of buying a private airstrip. It will not be used for commercial purposes, just my use and visiting friends. The question arises about liability and how to deal with it. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. Insurance advice, etc?

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    Don't know if it actually works but I know people who keep it private with NO ONE has permission to land. If they show-up, they show-up but permission is never given and/or talked about.?????


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    Alaska does have a law about allowing public use giving the owner immunity.

    If you don't charge, it is much easier on the liability. If you charge for use, it gets a little more dicey.

    In all seriousness, sit down with your insurance folks and have a serious discussion.

    What airpark? Great to hear other's have the bug. Mine is a work in progress!!!!
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    Puting it on the chart marked with an "R" in my opinion means that your welcome as long as you don't screw up. Rhinebecks Cole Palen used to tell folks who inquired about landing there that " the runway is mine, the gopher holes and rocks are yours"

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    I just completed a year long effort to get my Vermont airfield (47VT) local, State, and FAA approval. The State’s process was by far the most difficult with public hearings and multiple notifications to land owners within earshot of the existing field!

    regarding liability...I found the Recreational Aircraft Foundation (RAF) to be very helpful! Check out the chapter on recreational use liability protection.

    Vermont is one of the States that restricts liability suits if you allow the public to access your property for “recreational use”. Non commercial avaition is included in the definition of recreational use...

    good luck!

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    You cannot wave liability-- however, many state legislatures grant limited or complete immunity--- with certain criteria to be met. As applies to any property you may own-- there is a legal term known as "attractive nuisance-- ie a body of water to include a pool that may attract swimmers, a mound of dirt that may attract dirt bikers, a trail in the woods that may attract RV types. You own it---you win the prize, but aviation in many states is given a kiss.
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    Ditto the advice of AKTango....have a detailed in-depth discussion with your insurance agent and, dare I say it, your lawyer. Might want to consider ownership structures and the like.

    Since you're buying the airstrip, presumably it's a developed piece of property? Alternatively, are you just buying property that is suitable to operate from? (i.e. a 300' wide spot and a slight breeze looks like an airstrip to a Cub). The nature of the property might determine how you identify it, label it, and insure it.
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