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Thread: July 4 Thoughts

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    July 4 Thoughts

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    The Fourth of July is one of those days I think about how incredibly privileged we are to live here in the US.

    Laura and I spent the day working one of the gates for the Kansas City Airshow yesterday that starts tomorrow. It's an incredible sight to watch the Blue Angels (and others) practice over the city, zipping around buildings, etc.

    To top it off, even with all the flooding, we enjoyed our first picking of Missouri sweet corn yesterday, a July 4 tradition!

    I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable day celebrating the Declaration of our Independence!

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    We are truly blessed to live in the United States. We should never take our freedoms for granted. We should also appreciate some of the daily things we encounter that many people don’t have available. Good sidewalks, plenty of drinking fountains, U.S Postal System, good hardware stores, parking, our national park system, and our ability to worship as we please. As Bill Rusk says, Very Blessed.
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    To anyone that has not traveled outside the U.S., please understand that phrases like 'very blessed' are a tremendous understatement.

    In many countries there are NO privately owned aircraft. In most countries pilots 'licenses' are severely restricted and only given to the 'right' people. How many countries are there where anyone can simply jump into their own aircraft and fly where they want to, when they want to? My guess is that they can be counted on one hand.

    Even items like our radios can't be taken for granted. I've been to countries where two way radios are illegal. And in the same countries all radio stations are tightly controlled. I.e., no privately owned or operated radio stations.

    This list could go on and on.

    So relax and enjoy the day. Grill out, have a cold one and reflect on how we all got here, all the people that came before us to make this country such a great place. And make sure the younger generation knows the same. Point out the accomplishments of the founding fathers and their sacrifices. Then point out to them family members and neighbors that have served our country. To actually meet someone makes a much bigger impression on a kid than a history lesson, no matter how impressive the lesson.

    For me, personally, I spent years in uniform. I didn't do it for the retirement or any kind of bragging rights. I did it because, even as a kid, I was in awe of the men and women in the past, that believed so much in our country that they were willing to sacrifice their home lives and even their physical health/life. When looking at that, there was no choice for me. To do anything other than serve my country in some way or some capacity would make me unworthy in my own mind.

    Be proud and be the best American you can be and we'll insure a free America for the next generation!

    Life's tough . . . wear a cup.
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    In my 38 year professional flying career 26 years was spent flying international. I have places stamped in my passport that most people couldn't find on a globe. I have been to some pretty dangerous and scuzzy places. I was always glad to get back home. Happy Independence Day everyone.

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    Happy 4th to you all. Indeed, we are very fortunate to live in this Great Country. We celebrate it’s birth!


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    Happy 4th from Soldier's Meadow Idaho.

    We had a fitting and proper overseer while fishing:

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    Happy 4th of July!! One of the best days every year!

    A good time to sit back, spoil grandchildren, and practice the freedoms we have- what ever you choice is.

    We, in the USA, can own and drive vehicles, where and when we want; no need to get special permission, no need to check in anywhere.

    We have a group of Veterans that lead our parade with the flags. Couple Canadian Armed Service joined in today. It was not a burden to stand to honor the flag and Veterans, doubt we will ever repay all of them for what they have done for us.

    And another freedom- being able to say what I want and SJ not always blocking me!

    Enjoy folks, flags waving
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    I had the honor of being Larry Verrtirio's driver in our local parade. Larry is 98 and served under MacArthur in the Philippines. While we were waiting in my A for the parade to start some brought their grandkids over to meet Larry. Answering their questions and descriptively told them how scared he was as he walked down the landing craft ramp as bullets pinged off the metal and tore up the water around them. 60 pounds of gear and the water up to his chin he somehow made it to the beach.

    "Optimism is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you!"
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    Glenn, it is because of people like Larry throughout our history that allows us to celebrate the 4th of July! Thank you for the picture.

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