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Thread: Left and Right Split Doors and Window on Widebody Cub

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    Left and Right Split Doors and Window on Widebody Cub

    Ok anybody know what itís like to fly with Left and Right Split Doors , windows up and both windows up and both doors down . Can it be done and whatís it like . I really want a couple opinions as itís my last decision on a kit . I know Legend dies this in a kit seaplane type mod. Any suggestions or experience would really be appreciated.

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    It's cooler on hot days like yesterday. The airplane doesn't know the difference other than it may be 1 or 2 mph slower. Make sure that everything that you want to keep is tied down and secure. It is very helpful when on floats and your preference when on wheels. I like the two doors on mine.
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    The standard Legend AL3 has split doors on both sides. I usually only kept one side open but there was no issue with both open unless your friend in the back seat doesnít like the wind. Slips donít work as well with both open.

    As far as keeping the top closed with the bottom half open, the Legend had no latch to hold the window from drifting up, but some owners fashioned their own. When both bottom doors are open, the right side floats up in a stall and the left side floats up with power. I flew a lot with the windows open and the doors closed in cooler weather.

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    I really like having both. Its also nice when working on the interior. I does require routing the fuel lines under the floorboards

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