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Thread: Javron Widebody Cub Nose Cowl Options

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    Javron Widebody Cub Nose Cowl Options

    Any info on making or modifications to fit Cub Crafters Nose cowls on Javron Cub widebody . Mould’s Carbon Fibre etc

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    I know Selkirk makes CF cowlings for a widebody you might try them.
    Thanks Lowleveldevil, Delta Cub thanked for this post

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    I’m planning on graphing a cub carbon cowl into the boot cowl(carbon fiber) on my build. I have not done it yet but have a plan of setting up the cowl and making a backing to transition to the fuselage, then laying carbon over that. I haven’t come up with my plan on break lines and but plates yet but that will be a game time decision.

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    There's no magic to a nosebowl for a wide body. Nose bowl width is determined by the engine width. The cowl aft of that transitions form nose bowl to boot cowl. Pretty straight forward if using cowl channels. For a CF nose bowl I'd check with Carbon Concepts.

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