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Thread: Reno Air Races

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    Reno Air Races

    Sep 11-15. Went there once a long time ago. Do any of you know if tiedowns are available at Reno-Stead? Also availability of rental cars and hotels. If you haven't done it, it is a bucket list trip!
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    Let me check my GPS, gee how'd we ever navigate with those sectional things?
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    If you mean during race week, no, I believe the airport is basically shut down except for participating aircraft. You'd need to go to Reno or one of the other nearby airports.
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    Stead is for race aircraft and support only during race week.

    I think you can book FBO parking at RNO and that's the most convenient for rental cars and plentiful hotels. There are also regular shuttle buses running from the Reno hotels to the races.

    Carson City is quite close and has several hotels, but no car rental agencies at the weekend.

    South Lake Tahoe is another option. It's a nice resort and about an 90 minute drive to Stead
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    Truckee is closer to Stead than South Lake Tahoe. You can get a car there too.

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    Carson, Minden, Truckee, Fallon would be the nearest airports with tie-downs and rentals cars. You can land and park at RNO but not sure about getting a tie-down and cost, I see them using the crosswind runway for a parking ramp during air-race weekend.

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