Was building an Aeronca project in the Garage, my wife put the brakes on it and I have a bunch of engine parts!

0-200 Crankshaft. Yellow tagged by Mad Mike up in Palmer, AK. STD uncut! $3200.00
C85 Tapered Crankshaft-yellow tagged by Custom Aircraft in Palmer, AK M20 on grind. $1200.00
C85 Flanged Crankshaft-yellow tagged by Aircraft Specialties. M20 STC'ed and yellow tagged. $1200.00
C85 Camshaft- yellow tagged by Aircraft Specialties #24231 $600.00
C85 Camshaft- NOS #40584 $1000.00
Intake Spider #35145 Nice clean casting $200.00
NOS Tappet Body $600 for the set.
Crank Case fresh from CCS with 8130-3. $2000.00

Lots of other parts tell me what you need. Prices out of line? Give me a shout!