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Thread: Yamaha Evaluates Slotted Flaps In MotoGP Testing

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    Yamaha Evaluates Slotted Flaps In MotoGP Testing

    Very interesting use of split flaps and a good history on their use and the theory behind them.
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    In theory, the leak of high pressure air in front of the double slotted flap should encourage air molecules to not change direction 90 degrees and exit out the wingtip (40 mph, normally, with factory flaps) and exit out under the trailing edge of the flap....this could be quantitized by measuring the “drop” airspeed before and after the slotted flap addition...
    Has anyone experimented with fences on the underside outboard end of flaps to prevent excess air spillage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fobjob View Post
    Has anyone experimented with fences on the underside outboard end of flaps to prevent excess air spillage?
    Yes both outboard and inboard 7GCBC and PA-18A. Helps. Tried end plates with top and bottom extensions like plates on duster wing ends and single bottom. If installed on one flap the planes rolled away from the modified flap when extended=more lift. Made of lexan they were invisible.

    Edit: On one application (the Cub) I used rivet nuts and screws to hold the plates and the second plain temporary velcro. Now there's Dual-lock tapes which hold even better:

    The Citabria already had Crosswinds STOL kit with the inboard flap gap sealed with a metal plate so the outboard end was fenced as an experiment.

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