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Thread: New Goes 17 west weather satellite info & links

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    New Goes 17 west weather satellite info & links

    so some cool stuff I thought was interesting... have just scratched the surface.... I'm sure there's more to play with...

    so here are some links to it...

    description of it and some really cool examples of what it can do!

    latest Alaska only view hi res

    low res

    last 12 hours shown in a loop

    if you interested in direct links to images of Alaska sector

    looks like some other sectors.. probably a nicer way than this to navigate on their site,,, but here the directory listing

    more choices... geocolor is whats in above links

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    Thanks for the links. I made a short video using the 300 of the most recent 4k images from the ak/GEOCOLOR link page. Then saved it as a looping screen saver. Looks kind of nice on the old mac. The longer video lends some extra drama. Watch the Aleutian Range on the Peninsula as the recent southerly flow hits it. You can see the effects of orographic lifting as the smoke trails light up along the range. Where ever there are significant mountains in the path of moist fronts you can see the smoke trails. It hints at where the skiing is .

    Another good loop out there is NEXSAT's loop. Fairly good low cloud stuff for finding coastal fog in the Sound.

    If it looks might be

    If it looks is!!
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