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Thread: Anyone used PREKOTE on their floats instead of the alodine process?

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    Anyone used PREKOTE on their floats instead of the alodine process?

    Wondering if anyone has used this stuff. I am back at my annual floats stripping and repainting.

    PreKote is an easy-to-use, all-in-one surface pretreatment product. This product provides superior paint adhesion, improved flexibility, and advanced corrosion protection for all paintable surfaces, while being completely safe and hazard-free.

    PreKote was created to replace both chromate and non-chromate conversion coating systems. It replaces acid etches, solvent washes, and other toxic substances used on metal and composite substrates prior to priming and painting. It can also be used as an adhesion promoter for metal to metal bonding. PreKote is a flexible surface pretreatment and works with virtually any paint or bonding process including large surface area paint jobs, immersion processes, and touch-up applications.

    PreKote Surface Pretreatment has passed stringent testing by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Boeing Company and other coating industry leaders.

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    I’ve never used it, but I remember seeing quite a bit of discussion on it on the Van’s Air Force site, I think- try a search over there.

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    I've gone back to old school.
    MIL TT-P -1757B Type 1 class C with wash primer (don't remember the mil spec but it's from Randolf) under it. Lacquer (Randolf silver) over that. I haven't found anything better.

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    Alex, we use it every day in our structures repair shop at Everts Air Cargo on any and all aluminum alloys. Applied per instructions it is good stuff and SAFE for the user. The phosphoric and chromic acids and other compounds in various alodine and acid etch systems are bad news toxic and unfriendly in many ways to both human and environment. To effectively use PreKote, pretty much forget most of what you know about alodines and just follow the instructions. It’s been good to us. Cheers! Oz
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