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Thread: Taylorcraft L-2 recover

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    Taylorcraft L-2 recover

    A buddy just ripped 3/4 of his fabric off, looking at a bent tube. Now he is in total recover territory - a good thing because the old fabric has five layers of housepaint!

    My question is sort of "greenhouse and floorboards" related. Without really looking, getting all that plexiglas off safely looks like a day's work. Anybody aware of shortcuts?

    And are floorboards like the Cub - install them after interior, but before outside cover?
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    Does this L-2 still have the military style glass, or has it been converted like so many with fabric on the turtle deck?

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    Both. The turle back is flat and fabric covered. Sitting on top of the fabric is the lower frame of the rear glass area. It looks almost as if the frame could mostly be removed with the glass, in one big piece. All the rest is Cub-like.

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