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Thread: Any ideas on avionics / instrument shops that give good credit for cores?

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    Any ideas on avionics / instrument shops that give good credit for cores?

    I used to have some info on a good business for core trade-ins, but a bout of computer cuddies erased a bunch of e-mails.

    I have a few vacuum and a couple electric cores that are re-buildable. and I need to buy some new panel gear.

    Anyone know of a good shop for trade-in credit?

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    I doubt very many shops are gonna give you much for cores, even as trade-ins.
    They'd have to clean them up & check them over (if not OH them) before sale,
    otherwise take the chance on them crapping out & either
    1) pissing off a customer, or
    costing them money to make things right.
    and still have to make at least a few bucks on the deal.
    IMHO you're better off selling them on Barnstormers, ebay, or craigslist--
    or an aviation forum like this one.
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    To be honest Alex it would cost more to ship them than they are worth. I had a brand new solid state encoding transponder in the original box which I offered for "make an offer". I couldn't even get the offer of shipping costs so gave it to a local radio shop for his antique collection. I had over $1000 invested in it.
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