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Thread: Earthquake

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    So a while back I read a lengthy post on how to tie down your plane (chains, straps, rope, etc...). At the end of the day if you keep it tight no worries. Okay so now Anchorage has an earthquake and I am curious what to expect. Before I went and took a look all kinds of images ran through my head; wings snapped off etc... Went and inspected and everything looks good. Ropes gave a little and slipped, probably more due to my weak $&# knot and some ice/snow. My guess is whatever oscillation the plane took was some what mitigated by the tires and rope providing flex.

    What are your thoughts on what to look for or tips tricks and whatever else as this is a new one for me. Anyone ever heard of earthquake damage on a plane?
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    I'm in NY deer hunting. Called back and had a friend check the hanger, no mounts fell off the wall on the cubs or convertible Chevelle. But, the house is a mess.

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    unless something fell on it, I wouldn't worry until the quake exceeds the G limits the aircraft was built to..

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