Hi all. I hope I'm not out of place in asking for advice/knowledge since this thread is about a Piper PA-25 Pawnee, but since the airplanes are related by lineage and since there are very knowledgeable folks here who have experience with Pawnees, I thought I'd ask. An A&P/IA and myself are assembling an early Piper PA-25-150 Pawnee (Serial No. 19) after an extensive refurbishment. The PA-25 parts manual shows double (aft and forward) tail brace wires, but the airframe does not have the forward tabs welded to the airframe. Our research on the subject has been conflicting since many pictures of early 150 hp Pawnees do not have the forward tail brace wires, while some do. The airplane came with double tail brace wires, but the forward wires were attached to a 1" flat bar positioned under the longerons which was adel clamped to the grab handle near the tail of the airplane. Does anyone know when Piper added the forward tail brace wires to the Pawnees? Since my airplane is such an early model (Serial No. 19), should it have just the aft tail brace wires? Was the 1" flat bar (see below) something the previous owner added or was there a kit available for such? Sorry for the long post. I appreciate any response or information.


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