Hello fellow superCub friends!
I would like ask this fantastic forum if anyone has got some of the stuff I need for my renovation and Backcountry Cub project for sale. Iím trying to build a certified lightweight PA18 for off airport operations, and also later to be used on floats.
I might not thought about all options, and in that case you are most welcome to respond with suggestions of what is needed.
I got a Facebook page that you might want to visit!

(Iím not yet a bush pilot...but will be training in the summer when the aircraft is ready ..and Iím also looking for options to go and fly with experienced bushpilots. So please send your recommendation of good teachers. The geographic location is not important.

Wipline or certified EDO floats, lightweight alternator, 3x3 gear, windshield, ABW (got 26í with new cleveland brakes), a bigger tail wheel (got 2 pcs of Scott 3200).
Also looking for suitable instruments, like G500, G5 and one of the certified primary electric engine instruments!