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Thread: Tail wheel Q's

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    Tail wheel Q's

    1979 A185F original McCauley 8'' tailwheel equiped currently.
    few questions...
    is the McCauley sort of step child now? are scott or the ABI parts interchangeable for service parts?
    im interested in putting on 10" tailwheel in the near future, so will i need to get whole new unit, or will i be able to just do a 10" fork with the existing McCauley head?
    my current setup has the tailwheel lock. how do be sure that the fork or new tail wheel will be compatible with the TW lock?
    alot of questions i know. but im sort of new and any help would be appreciated!
    thanks in advance!

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    you can't mix scott parts with mccauley.... totally different concepts internally

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    What will you gain with a 10" tire?

    Here's an old thread to review.

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