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Thread: A Very Grateful Shooter...One of the Sons of the Dirt

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    A Very Grateful Shooter...One of the Sons of the Dirt

    I am sometimes told that I need to slow down and take the foot off the gas pedal a little bit. "Why do you spend so much time with and aviation, when you could just sit and rest a little bit?" With the time for New Holstein comes time for the New Holstein Short Field Takeoff, Landing and Flour Drop event, which is a bit of a stressor in itself. Fortunately, there are many who come forward to help with the event, making my task in coordinating the event a whole lot easier. Still, there are personalities to be dealt with and there are times when I just have to count to ten and shake my head. I leave NH, though, feeling like we have accomplished something with the STOL/FD by providing a payback to the community of NH, who have been so supportive of the Flyin for many years. I have come to know that my friends who choose to pilot their aircraft in the event also get something out of their kind participation. It isn't a show off thing for most of them. It sure isn't about a big trophy or prize money. It is about them reaching inward, unleashing their superior command of their aircraft as it claws from the soft grass of NH struggling to get into the air, and to reign in their trusty stead as it comes gently in for a landing. I have written before that I have the best seat in the house as the Shooter in that I can see the determination, the enthusiasm, the expectation, the look of a 17 year old who thinks they are on top of the world, as they push that throttle forward after my salute and signal to launch.

    There is a fellow here named Jim Crane who I have heard volumes about over the past several years here at Jim is a long time potato farmer from Maine, a second generation farmer I think. He has been amongst the most revered members of this group of birdmen and birdwomen, definitely a half-full kind of person whose generosity, honesty and kindness is well known to many of us. He has his struggles, but he has been able to put them to the side to continue to fly and enjoy the skies. Jim and his son, Andrew, and his daughter-in-law, Chelsea, checked off a bucket list thing by flying from Maine to New Holstein this year and it was great to see them there. Jim and Andrew signed up for the STOL/FD events and gave Young Eagle flights, as well.

    This year we were blessed to have a writer/photographer, Mike Collins, from AOPA come over to cover our event. He shot photos of the participants, two of which are potato farmers from Maine...Jim and Andrew. AOPA did a nice writeup of the event and we had a great time that day, with many happy people attending and participating in the event.

    Time passes by, we go about our lives...

    This morning I came to my office to help couples conceive, ready to put embryos back where they belong and it has been a really busy and stressful last 10 days. When I came to the door of my office I found a large, flat box with a return address belonging to Jim Crane. My staff, and Julie, were there wondering what it was and they encouraged me to open it so they could see, so I did. Inside was the following photograph, taken by Mike Collins of AOPA...
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    It is a beautiful metal picture in which Mike captured the moment immediately after I had saluted Jim Crane, giving him the launch sign (the real Shooters point forward with one finger...I adapted this to use the forward signal of a gynecologist), and Jim had turned his gaze to full forward, throttle advancing to full...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    ...while the Shooter awaited his departure from the deck of the USS New Holstein...

    While the photo will always be displayed in a prominent spot, the back of the photo was signed by none other than Jim "Night Train" Crane...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I can tell you that there was one pretty choked up Shooter when I read Jim's words, and I felt proud not only to be one of the "Sons of the Dirt", but also to have had the privilege of launching so many of you, like Jim and Andrew...

    In the meantime, this Shooter is gearing up for more Cat 2 launchings, and successful recoveries, aboard the carrier USS New Holstein. What a great ship she is.

    Randy the Grateful Shooter

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    That, folks, is what this is all about. There's something in my eyes...

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    Well done Jim!! Well done Randy Bob!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WindOnHisNose View Post

    the real Shooters point forward with one finger...I adapted this to use the forward signal of a gynecologist

    Randy the Grateful Shooter
    I about spit my dinner out reading this line.

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    Reading this made the start of my day.Awesome!
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    I agree Randy, great peoples. Met a lot of them here. We got this from Jim and Brenda several years ago after we visited Maine. Great time, people and memories.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Steve Pierce

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    Im kinda at a loss for words, i just wanted to share a super pix with the "Shooter" Also a bit red faced about the goofy description on the back. I was just looking to put a grin on your face. Thats what happens when you get up at 3 am and cant find enough to keep busy. Like most of you I was certain I could be a naval aviator, the truth was a lot different
    This morning I reread your comments with a cup of coffee on the patio watching the sun come up. It surely was a gift from the creator this morning, a 20 minute show complete with deer on the airstrip, and fog bank floating thru, and a couple of owls hooting at each other. Spectacular
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    Since I was in that crappy truck accident in June and wasnt real sure I was going to get another chance, I have stopped a lot more and really try to figure out whats important and what is not.
    The things that are important are few, and having friends like all of you is at the top for me

    . I have gotten many times more from this group than I can ever give back. So many special friends, too many to name them all. It was a thrill to reconnect with so many at New Holstein, and to watch Andy interact and get to fly with all of you was a special treat for me, and more so with him. I sincerely hope you can all stop by during the WAD flyout in OCT, really looking forward to at least a few hours to say hi
    See you soon thanks so much


    Ps- My sincere apologies to Mrs Rollins my 4th grade penmanship teacher. God I have hard work to read my own writing. Its not your fault Mrs Rollins
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