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Thread: Replacing Whelen wingtip strobes

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    Replacing Whelen wingtip strobes

    Hi all, has anyone replaced their wingtip strobes (not nav lights) with LEDs? I'd like to replace the whole set-up, including the power box. If so, what did you replace them with? Did you have to replace the wiring and switches too, or can those be re-used? Is there something other than LEDs that would work too?

    My plane is a homebuilt replica SC from scratch (not a kit), experimental, so anything that fits on a SC fits my plane.

    Thanks for your help!
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    You can find direct replacement (same footprint) LED strobes with or without nav lights built in. Figure out your strobe footprint and go browse the airplane parts websites. You can use much of the wiring and the same switch but you won't need the power supplies. LED strobes run off of standard 12v. You can choose to run a wire between strobes to synchronize their flash timing but that isn't required.

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    You may end up with radio noise, if so you would need to string shielded wire to them

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    I want a strobe bulb that has only two modes: flash, and off.

    Like flashlights, most bulbs have a sequence - off - on - strobe - off. I hate that.

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    We are running Aveos.
    They are LED Strobe Nav and Position
    All the wiring runs off the nav switch.

    We installed these on our Experimental Sport Cub and are what are provided from the factory on the Carbon Cubs.
    No noise and very little draw. Same footprint as the standard nav/ strobe.

    We also went with the Aveo tail position and strobe. We are starting the same upgrade on my Sport Cub

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