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Thread: building a wag aero 2+2/ upgraded pa14

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    Looking good, and looking familiar

    The fin stands out to me. I'll be interested in seeing how you tie it in. Are you extending the horizontal stabilizers too? I wonder about reinforcing the pivot point for them if there is going to be a longer arm.

    Also, are you going to put in an "X" or "H" reinforcement in the tail section? I was convinced to do it by reading lots of threads here.

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    I have some ideas on how to tie it in, id like to get the top deck done so I can get the top stringer in place as that will dictate a lot of where things need to go for what I have in mind. horizontal will be extended ahead enough that the leading edge will clear the cross tube at the jack screw location, I need it ahead of that tube enough for clearance for the linear actuator I'm using for trim. tail is getting a suspension similar to what charlie has built for his J4, so far what I have designed should be close in weight to a 3 leaf spring pack. even if it is a little heavier I'm okay with it, if this plane is on gear its because its on ski's which is rough so i'll take any improvement on suspension I can.

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