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Thread: Whirlwind Prop Owners

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    Got my BalanceMaster already for the Rotax, they really did ship it out the same day I called them, nice. First thing I did was rattle it, expecting to hear "bb's" in there, nope. Then read the info, they use some semi liquid goop, "Quicksilver" they call it, and though I doubt it's mercury, (can you imagine the enviro hassles with shipping if nothing else) but something more benign. My Centramatic balancers on my crane truck are bb like, I like this goop concept better, so far so good. 10 ozs. weight, I can live with that, more for the Lyc versions but notmyproblem. Bad weather next couple days here, so it will be on for my next flight. But, I'm now in that between stage where too much snow is gone on my runway for a ski takeoff, but too much for a wheeled takeoff, at least with the little 6:00's my Datum's use. If I rush to put the 29" Airstreaks back on, I'll regret it when flying up to where there is still LOTS of snow. Might be a week or 10 days before things settle out.

    My work rig may get them on the drive shaft/shafts, they make them for just that purpose also it turns out, interesting.
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    I feel your pain. I pulled my datums, and back on the 8.50s. Ice is sill pretty perfect, at least for on tires. I've been on a cycle.

    Get tires muddy taxiing out from hangar. Take off on pavement. Go play on the ice and get the tires all clean.

    Very curious how your balancemasters works out. I'm still planning a whirlwind... but I may wait till fall.


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