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Thread: Bushwheel Obstructed Valve

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    Bushwheel Obstructed Valve

    I encountered something new to me. Not only couldn't I get sealant into my new 35s but following that I discovered I couldn't air them up, either. I poked around inside the valve with a drill bit and got them to take air but not sealant. Airframes advised me to use a welding rod or coat hanger wire, heat the tip, and melt through the obstruction. No complaints, no criticism, just sharing info in case others have the same problem. Simple fix, but I didn't know about it until I called and asked.
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    I had the same thing happen on my 35's. Called Airframes and did the same as you described.

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    What type of sealant are you putting in your Bushwheels?

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    I think they recommend Orange Seal... Stan’s is another...
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    Probably because they use a fitting in the center of the tire to air it up during the build process.

    I have always used Stan's but recently saw this Orange Seal on Buswheel's website. Stan's has work very well for we against mesquite thorns.
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