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Thread: A-65 exhaust gaskets for the Champ???

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    A-65 exhaust gaskets for the Champ???

    Which type and flavor of exhaust gaskets do you guys prefer on an A-65? Iíve got a new stainless exhaust to install and only want to do the job once...

    - Vern
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    Almost anything works. It is a glorified lawnmower engine. I used and re-used those copper/asbestos deals for thousands of hours. My 85 Stroker has those steel things with compressible insert - they too work just fine.

    as far as doing it once? That is only true if you never fly it. Every 50 hours (after the first 900) one stack comes off. I alternate, left and right.

    Far more critical is to use brass nuts - deep ones - with some graphite anti-seize lube.
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