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Thread: Ideas for Aviation friendly communities or Air Parks???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Clark View Post
    I have been looking at Lake Property houses on the Trullia website for a year now. Texas, Oklahoma, and recently Arkansas and Tennessee.
    I see lots of docks and boat ramps in the photos, including other houses around the lakes.

    BUT,,,, I never see any floatplanes tied up anywhere. In fact I often see boats jacked up out of the water. Seldom in the water.

    Do a lot of those lakes have some sort of weird rules about the boat having to be out of the water while not in use ???

    I have heard that in some states you can land on a lake but not water-taxi a floatplane for some bizarre reason.
    For sure, some do have strange rules, but I don't know of any that require the boats to be out of the water. I know the lake I live on was privately developed and is privately owned. They don't allow aircraft on the lake, although one local has had his amphibious float plane on it a number of times. They added that rule just for him, so he also registered his floats with the state as a boat and thumbed his nose at the managing agency. Some of the lakes are OK with it, while others aren't. So you have to look closely, and that can take a lot of time and energy where you hit road blocks and have to reset and start over on your house shopping.

    Some boat owners have lifts in their docks so they can lift the boats out of the water to prevent damage from wave action from the other boats and water skiers out playing in the lake.

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    For the best all around Cub flying in the US maybe even the world you need to live in the North East 😉

    "Optimism is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you!"
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    I have a hangar w/ a seperate 1 acre lot at Sunrise Skypark in Givens, ID. The runway parallels the Snake River w/ a boat ramp. Great community. Country setting, but 40 minutes to Boise. Idaho is a very plane friendly state with a lot of backcountry adventures. Close to Utah which also has a lot of adventures to be had. If interested give me a call.
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