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Thread: Catto update.and ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by NunavutPA-12 View Post
    I finally got a chance to fly the new Catto prop this afternoon!

    1) At idle, it was pulling harder. On the very slight uphill grade from my hangar, at about 800 rpm, I had to stand on the brakes to prevent it from creeping ahead.

    2) It is definitely smoother than the old Borer.

    3) At full throttle I could only get to about 2600 rpm (indicated - my tach has not been checked for a while).

    My oil cooler is about two-thirds covered and yet, at minus 15C (+5F), the oil temperature barely got off the peg (130F more or less). The oil pressure was up around 95 PSI. I imagine there was some power loss there.

    I thought I'd try flying it without removing the six pounds of lead in the tail. I couldn't get enough nose-down trim, so the weight is coming out tomorrow.

    Landed off airport on the snow of the arctic ocean. Conditions here are almost ideal. I just need a bit more tension in the bungees, another job for tomorrow.

    So with the other adjustments that need to be made I wasn't able, yet, to give that prop a thorough test.

    I hope to be ski-flying for about another month, while the rest of your are getting your floats on!
    Your comments echos what most others, that are firmilar with the Catto prop notice! As soon as you get warmer conditions you can get a better feel for "faster spool up" and the advantages moving more air by the tail, can have trying to lift it loaded
    aft. Keep us all posted on your experiences with it in comparison to the Borer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WanaBNACub View Post
    Sorry about that, you are correct. I dug out the prop log and it is the W80CM-44 for the 0-360
    Can you tell me what pitch and prop you were running before and also your static with that one?
    Seisenich wont let you test.

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