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Thread: Husky A1B-200 exhaust, repair sources?

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    Husky A1B-200 exhaust, repair sources?

    I have this friend (no, REALLY!), who has an Aviat Husky A1B, with the 200hp IO-360 option. The #3 exhaust stack cracked right at the flange. Looking for recommendation for repair shop, Certified Repair Station or whatever. On preliminary visual inspection, the rest of the system seems OK.

    And I emphasize this is for the 200 hp option, not the more common 180 hp version, so pretty sure it's an entirely different system. Up until a few months ago, there was a decent Husky Forum, but apparently they got hacked, and that one is no more.

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    I have always used Dawley. You might give them a call since the 200 hp Husky isn't very common. Kurt or Larry have always done good work and been very helpful.
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    I bought two new mufflers & tailpipes for my C180 a couple years ago from AWI 800-597-4315.
    They have a PMA to manufacture new parts, which was cheaper than OH'ing my old stuff.
    Prompt courteous service.

    I have also had exhaust repairs done in the past by Custom Aircraft Parts in El Cajon CA 619-561-5757
    Not a CRS or PMA so experimental only (aka no paperwork), but quality work quick and relatively cheap.
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    Cubsky site is up, just a bit funky.

    Second on Dawley.

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