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Thread: Buying advice for a novice please

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    Buying advice for a novice please

    Hi all,Am considering buying a restored 105 hp super cub on pk 1800 floats.It has "upgraded weight" mod,propeller I have yet to check.Any advice as to performance,weight limitations etc would be much appreciated.As I have no float time I am open to all advice.Thanks in advance.Ron.

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    Do a search on pre-buy and pre-purchase inspections. Steve Pierce was kind enough to even include a list of things to look for at one time that was very helpful.

    Bottom line, get a mechanic of good standing to go over the plane and logs prior to buying. It can be very expensive to correct stuff people either did wrong, did not document correctly, or forgot to log.

    Performance? Well, if loaded to where the rear spreader is sunk, and a hot day with now wind you might have trouble, but sounds like a fun bird for evenings out with the wife!
    I don't know where you've been me lad, but I see you won first Prize!
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