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Thread: PA-18 105 Special Operating Manual

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    PA-18 105 Special Operating Manual

    Hello All,

    I am looking to see if there is an updated version of the operation manual for a PA-18 105 Special and if so where I could get one. The manual I have is very worn and hard to read - it's also from 1951. My specific aircraft was actually built (and supposedly flown by the military) in the 1940's but re-built somewhat (or added to) in 1951 to reflect 105 special specifications. In all honesty I'm not quite sure the full history but I'm guessing it is quite involved since there are multiple specifications for different engines/props for the same airframe. Honestly most of the manual seems to be conflicting information and I'm not sure why. I'm starting to wonder if part of the operations manual was lost somewhere along the way.

    I'm just in need of some help in finding the correct information for the 105 Special. Someone also mentioned that the 105 Special and the L21 are one in the same - does anyone know if this is true? I have paperwork from 1947 (might be 1949) and the paperwork from 1951 (which made it the 105 "special") but only one manual which is in very poor shape and I'm not sure if it is from the 1940's or 1951.

    If anyone can help me in finding a current (or at least easier to read) manual or has any information on the 105 Special I would greatly appreciate it.



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    Piper will sell you one. The L21 had the O-290-D2 and flaps.
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    Not sure any mil-spec PA18 (the first being the L1 were delivered before 1951, although the first PA18 flew in 1949?

    The L21 started shipping in 1953?

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    Friend of mine has a PA-18-105 Special, aka Tango Cub.
    I emailed him to see if he has an owners manual or POH for it.
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