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Thread: PA-25 Pawnee engine mount torque values?

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    PA-25 Pawnee engine mount torque values?

    I've been working on this Piper Pawnee project lately. In putting things back together, can't seem to find the torque value for:
    • Engine mount to firewall
    • Engine Dynafocal mounts to engine mount

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks. cubscout

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    From my PA25 Piper Pawnee Service Manual:
    Torque the nuts progressive, following a circular sequence until a torque value of 450-500 inch-pounds is reached.
    Parts manual calls out qty 4 each AN6-27A bolt, AN960-616 washers and AN364-624 nuts. Mount to fuselage is not specified but the table in the back shows 3/8-24 bolts, AN series torqued to 180-190 inch- pounds in tension and 96-110 inch-pounds in shear. I could see where it is in both but the AN364 nut is a low profile shear nut.
    Steve Pierce

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    Thank you again for all your help Steve. That's what my PA-25 parts book shows also. However my I.A. objected to the AN-364-624 nuts, as this application is forward of the firewall. We went with AN363 all metal nuts, which is what was on there before; just didn't torque past "snug" for now.

    And dang, Steve I should probably just put you on retainer for all the help you've been to me on stuff like this .

    Thanks. cubscout

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