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Thread: Where did you fly today?

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    Another soybean field being harvested in NW Iowa and you can see some disease(either anthracnose or Goss's wilt) areas in the corn field below me this morning.
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    Rust was big around here this year. Good summer to be an aerial applicator. They were busy putting fungicide down a while back.

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    When everything is going wrong, and the world is bearing down on you.......GO FULL THROTTLE!!!
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    Otter on Yukon
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    Thursday October 7-- Upper Peninsula of Michigan... Minnesota... Wisconsin... Iowa... Illinois... Missouri.... Arkansas... Louisiana... then back by way of Tennessee... Kentucky... (The Snow Owl's first visit to the last five.) Indiana... and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan on Tuesday October 12, 2021.
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    Returning from an antelope hunt yesterday in the Cub I flew over Rogers Pass, where Highway 200 crosses the continental divide in Montana.

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    I snapped the picture as I crawled over the divide. It had been rough up to about 5 miles from the divide but was very smooth those last few miles. But my ground speed dropped into the 30s! This is in a Cub with a normal no-wind cruise of about 94 mph. That means a wind speed of about 60.

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    Today I looked at my InReach plots and the one closest to the pass showed a ground speed of 36 mph.

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    "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything." Wyatt Earp
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