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Thread: Locking Tailwheel

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    No doubt putting the tail down at slower speed is good on several levels. That said, I’ve had shimmy initiate at pretty slow speeds. One thing that helps initiate shimmy is having rudder (and therefore tailwheel) deflected when the tailwheel contacts pavement. Not a lot you can do about that in a X Wind.

    As Airframes noted in the earlier post, bigger tires are more likely to shimmy, assuming the setup is prone to shimmy. Tail skis are great ways to get a Skywagon tailwheel to shimmy. If they’re set up right and maintained well, they should be fine, but the extra mass and arm of that ski can set up a nasty shimmy.

    In FAI we were blessed with a ski strip and I always tried to use it as opposed to the pavement when possible with the 185 on retractable skis and tail ski.


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