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Thread: Giving back

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    Giving back

    At the airport today somebody mentioned getting a few people together to buy a cub and offer some free instruction to younger people to get them interested in flying. Enough to get them to solo for example.
    I would be more in favor of a scholarship all the way through private pilot.

    It got me thinking of starting a non-profit 501-C3 to receive donations and give scholarships to 16-20 year olds to learn to fly. To receive scholarship one would have to apply and write an essay about aviation in some capacity. Full scholarships for financially challenged applicants and we could offer partial too.

    I was was thinking of buying a stock pa-12 or j-5 with a O-235. Easy to fly and will hold its value.

    I was was thinking of buying the plane and donate it’s use.

    I think raising money would be pretty easy because most pilots I know worry general aviation is dying and needs new life.

    Are any of you involved or have thought about this?

    I would guess the plane would need to be owned by an LLC.

    Any advise would be appreciated.
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    Setting up a non-profit club is pretty easy, setting up a 501-c3 requires quite a bit more effort - since you can accept tax free donations.

    I believe the biggest concern would be liability, otherwise, a great idea!

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    PIPER J5.5
    Here in New Hampshire they have OUT OF THE BLUE scholarship. I at 60 years old was the oldest to write and assay and receive matching $$$ to complete my PPL from LSA this year.
    The person that runs it is David Deviries out of Windham NH. He maybe some one to talk to about scholarships. Just a thought this morning. I completed my PPL in July of this year.
    Chip D.
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    I would suggest making sure that the recipients of any free flight training really have the desire to fly.
    A buddy of mine has spent a lot of time instructing both his teenage son and his teenage neighbor,
    unfortunately most of the effort and desire has been on his part, not theirs.
    Yeah, they're willing to go flying, but it's always him that initiates it.
    And it's always him having to push them into progress (medical, student license, ground schooling).
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    1. Yes, I am involved. I turned a 22 year old pilot loose in my Cessna 120, with 10 hours of TW time and 300+ total time. Wait, there is more! He lives 200 miles away. So in mid-October, he took the airplane back to his home airport. The agreement is that he will be back by Christmas. What better "time builder" than an O-200 powered 120?

    2. So you want to buy a PA-12 and donate it. Awesome, go for it. Pay the insurance tab on using a tailwheel plane for primary instruction. If it were my money, I would spend 1/3 the money and buy a C-150.

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    I have a good friend that is involved in this type of venture with a group near Grand Junction, CO. The planes they have have been donated and are being refurbed by the kids. Everything in the planes is donated. The paint job was donated once the kids had the plane ready to paint. They are using a Cherokee 140 for training. Would love to use a TW aircraft, but as TulBiplane points out, the insurance for a taildragger is a killer for cost. PM me and I'll be happy to put you in touch with them if you want to learn more from a group that's been successful with this type of venture.

    -Cub Builder

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